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Founded in 2002, TPOC is designed to unify and mobilize Travel Professionals of Color. We provide training, networking opportunities and support for travel agents and travel trade professionals around the globe. Whether you have an existing travel business or looking to start your business, TPOC is the right connection for you. Get the training you need to create greater profits and receive continued support from TPOC, your peers and other industry leaders. What a great opportunity to meet and receive first-hand information from the various tour operators and suppliers you do business with on a daily basis.



TPOC MEMBERS - Corporate, Associate and Individual members enjoy a number of benefits and perks.

TPOC CHAPTERS - TPOC Chapters are springing up around the country. There may already be a local chapter near you -- what a great opportunity to network with other TPOC members in your area!

HOSPITALITY STUDENT CHAPTER - Our Student Chapter offers hospitality students an excellent opportunity to network with peers who attend various colleges and universities from the U.S. and abroad.

TPOC CONFERENCE AND TRADE SHOW - This annual meeting of hundreds of travel agents, and so many others in the travel industry, is a great opportunity to learn and share with other travel professionals like yourself.

TPOC FRIENDS AND FAMILY TOUR - This annual event is always held in interesting destinations within and outside the U.S. It’s a great deal of fun for your friends, family and clients to enjoy a fantastic get-a-ways.

HERITAGE TOURISM SPECIALIST PROGRAM - Become an expert on historical destinations in various parts of the world and receive certification as a Heritage Tourism Specialist.

TPOC MIRACLE GLOBE - TPOC is always looking for opportunities to give back to the community. Through this project, we give annual donations to organizations that provide for the care and education of children in the areas we visit.


Betty Jones, who co-founded TPOC along with visionary Charlotte Haymore, was selected as TPOC National President after the election and caucus on April 29, 2016. Accepting the position, Betty says, “TPOC is a great organization and a great source of information for those in the travel industry. Taking TPOC to the next level will require a great deal of time and effort but I am passionate about our future and ready to except the challenge. I have some big shoes to fill in that our outgoing President, Carolyn White of Atlanta, Georgia, has done an excellent job and made great strides and important improvements in the Association. I look forward to the next 4 years. Of course, I will need the continued help and support of the Board of Directors and each TPOC member to make the organization all it can be.”


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For more information: Call 1-866-901-1259 






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